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Advice for Implementing a Successful Wine Club

By February 24, 2017 April 1st, 2019 No Comments

You’ve got it all: you have a successful wine business, your wine is flying off the shelves, and you’re loved by the locals. So why not take it a step further and offer your product through e-commerce, or wine club? Not only will you increase your earning potential, but you can boost your brand’s value across all mediums. We understand that the overwhelming information and task at hand can be daunting to even the most experienced vintner and wine connoisseur, so we have comprised a list of helpful suggestions to help your direct-to-customer business model take off without a hitch. Last but not least, ensure you protect your operation with a comprehensive DE Winery Insurance program.

Treat your wine club members lavishly.

Wine e-commerce is never a ‘shopping cart’, but always about relationship-based commerce. Wine is a high-touch sale, so deep customer relationships are essential for wineries. A recurring-purchase wine club is a loyalty program, a deal struck with your VIPs to commit to recurring purchases of your wines in exchange for privileged access to such things as library releases, special events, and small-lot wines. Clubs deliver members authentic interaction that is only possible via strong attachment to your brand, recommends Australia’s Wine Business Magazine (WBM).

While you can still utilize mass email lists to gain subscriptions, don’t forget that you should treat your loyal members specially and offer them special treatments and benefits not available to everyone.

Don’t skimp on cost.

The best wine clubs pick a consistent shipping schedule, always have consistent package pricing, tell customers the price before they buy, send wine club packs in smaller but more frequent shipments, offer rich self-serve options, clearly communicate shipment status, and reduce club turnover by capping membership, explains the article. Don’t focus so much on the price, but rather give your customers a reason to stay loyal to your brand and product. Show your customers the value of ordering multiple bottles rather than just one to avoid them changing their mind at checkout.

Make it mobile.

You can’t thrive if you don’t keep up with technological trends. A third of wine sales are done via phone or tablet, so invest in a mobile structure, as well.

Engage on social media.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, a marketing strategy is a must! It’s worth the modest investment to spend money on a professional if you don’t have the in-house capability. Focus on engaging with followers, offering wine and food pairings, customizing your brand and the customer’s experience, and creating fun wine-themed quizzes for prizes. The more engaged you are, the better your social media marketing campaign will be.

Don’t wait.

There’s no “perfect time” to start an e-commerce wine component to your business. A gradual client base increase and a dedication to providing great wine with outstanding service is the basic recipe you need for success. It’s why you started a wine business in the first place, right? Start now and fine tune as you go.

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