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Are You a Landlord? Here’s How to Manage Common Complaints

By December 8, 2017 April 1st, 2019 No Comments

If you’re a recent landlord or you’ve been in the business for a few years, you know that it is a labor of love. Granted, it’s an additional way to earn money, but tending to tenant issues can take up a significant portion of your time. Rather than stressing out, especially around the holidays, we’ve provided a simple step by step guide for how to manage tenant complaints in your rental units. Most importantly, ensure each one carries their own Delaware Renters Insurance policy to give them peace of mind and minimize your own financial liability.

First things first: all maintenance resolutions should be put in writing in the lease. This will minimize confusion on what party is responsible for what, how to place a request, what your tenants should do in an emergency situation and how the process will be handled.

Complaint #1: Maintenance issues.

Acknowledge your tenant’s maintenance request as soon as possible, then provide them with a timeline for when you plan on fixing it. Call them once the appropriate contractors are contacted (if necessary) and do your best to be flexible. Follow up with them after the issue has been resolved to ensure there are no other issues.

Lastly, save all receipts for work completed on any of your tenant’s homes. Should you be forced to go to court over something down the road, you’ll need a paper trail.

Complaint #2: Noise

This is one of the most common complaints. Anyone who’s lived in an apartment or shared dwelling understands the nuisance that is noisy neighbors. However, if the noise complaints are coming from someone who is not renting from you, you’ll have to encourage your tenant to resolve the issue on their own. However, there are some options for making their stay in your units more enjoyable.

First, you can install more insulation to increase the sound barrier. Even extra shrubbery or carpeting can minimize the sound transferred from one unit to another.

But, what if it’s your tenant who’s causing the noise? As a first step, try speaking to him directly to understand the issue. You can also ask other tenants if they have been disturbed by loud noises from the property. If the problem is determined to be genuine, inform the tenant that a complaint has come in against them and try to work out a solution that everyone is comfortable with. If possible, you can offer to shift of the tenant to a different apartment at no extra cost. Don’t forget to inform the tenant who raised the complaint that you are taking active steps to resolve the issue, recommends Property Ware.

Complaint #3: Unwanted pests.

This can be an issue in any home, especially older ones. Contact a reputable exterminator as quickly as possible and ensure their pest removal process is substantial enough to prevent any unwanted critters from coming back. Ask the exterminator to return in a week or so to kill off any remnants of ant or roach colonies.

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