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Great Summer Events to Host at Your Winery

By July 25, 2018 April 1st, 2019 No Comments

Are you looking for some event ideas to host at your winery? There are fun, yet easy ways to get people extra excited about making a visit. There are endless possibilities, from simple and laid back to the most extravagant and unique. Determine what fits best for your space.

Before diving into events that could potentially bring their own unique set of risks and considerations, be sure to have a proper Delaware business insurance program designed specifically for your winery’s risk profile.

Bachelorette Parties

With many weddings on the horizon, bridal crews are looking for a good celebration, while staying clear of the loud, crowded nightclubs. Take advantage of those groups who want to keep it classy and market your space as a trendy place to gather up team bride for a wine tasting with a beautiful backdrop.

Business Retreats

A winery is a great place where business groups can have some fun with their team, enjoy the change of scenery and return to the office the following week refreshed and ready to work. Promoting special days for businesses to come enjoy themselves may be just what they need.


Perhaps the only thing that could improve sipping wine on a warm day would be to have that vineyard visit come with a side of live music. Consider hiring local musicians for an evening on entertainment. Guests can enjoy the tunes during their tastings. Any live music typically draws in a good sized crowd.

Outdoor Wine Tasting

Hosting a special patio wine tasting is the perfect way to get guests relaxing and indulging in no time. This is a simple and easily enjoyable gathering to host throughout the summer. Consider pairing it with a novelty themed brunch.

Paint and Sip Party

Stay up with the trends by hosting a paint and sip party. These types of events are being increasingly popular and people are raving about them! Certainly have the setup overlooking your best scenery. This party will allow your guests to sip while they get creative. This will be sure to leave your guests with a memorable experience.

Cook off Competitions

It isn’t summer without a good cook off! Get your guests excited with a friendly cook off competition. You may even want to market this as a family event. Food events are always a great way to get people to gather and enjoy time together.

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