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How Technology Firms Can Keep Their Clients’ Data Safe

By January 18, 2019April 1st, 2019No Comments

The responsibility of protecting the sensitive personal and corporate data provided by your client or customer base can be heavy. Names, addresses, employee identification numbers, Social Security numbers, and credit card information can all be used by hackers to create and use fake identities. It is in your best interest to secure a Delaware Business Insurance program designed for the technology sector, and have the right preventative measures in place.

Protecting this information is not only good business, it’s the law. Protecting customers’ personal data against mishandling should be a top priority of every business that collects customer information. A lack of trust on the part of customers can easily do irreparable damage to your business. There are steps you can take to protect client data, and hard-earned trust you’ve built with your clients.

Adding Protection

Add firewalls, anti-virus software and other layers of protection to your business servers and computers. Hackers who roam the Internet, are looking for easy targets. Using multiple layers of security software makes accessing client information more difficult, so hackers quickly move on to the next website.

Laptops, desktops, tablets, PDAs, and servers all store information that can be stolen and used by to ruin your reputation. If you use a cleaning service for the office, a hacker can easily slide an unlocked laptop into a trash bin and smuggle it out of the office with all your data intact. Lock up your hardware to prevent this form of analog data theft. Limit employee access to customer data and change passwords when employees leave the company.

Choosing a Web Host

Choose a web host that values your business security. There are hundreds of web host businesses that provide customer and client access to your company website. They host your website on giant servers, and provide varying degrees of server-side protection. This is based in the web host’s operations center, and includes things like hard-wired firewalls, security cameras focused on the server room, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and other forms of protection.

If you use shared hosting services, your website may share the same server as a few thousand other websites. This leaves your website vulnerable to cross-side server attacks.

Keeping it Professional

The software used to block unauthorized access to digital data should be routinely updated and upgraded to protect against the latest computer virus. Consider purchasing the best anti-hacker software available. If you don’t update that software regularly, hackers may be able to find a backdoor with a new hacker program.

If you know your office server has been hacked, and data stolen, notify clients immediately so they can notify their banks. Consider hiring an IT security professional to monitor your office server and business activity to ensure that customer information remains safe. Treat client and customer information with respect, and view it as a business asset worth protecting. There are plenty of hackers out there working on new ways to access your business information, so take steps to protect what’s yours.

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