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How to Ensure Employee Safety at Your Winery or Brewery

By October 12, 2018April 1st, 2019No Comments

Customers seek a fun, light-hearted experience at wineries and breweries; however many people underestimate the amount of hard labor that goes on behind the scenes required to maintain a safe environment in the day-to-day operations. These types of operations carry a high risk of injury, with a wide range of safety concerns. You have a responsibility to your employees and customers to uphold the highest standards of safety. Protect your operation with a Delaware Business Insurance program specifically designed for wineries and breweries, and make sure to implement these safety measures.


Open communication is key to ensuring safety. Stay ahead of the game by being proactive with safety training. Always assume that new employees do not know how to operate within the brewery safely.

Don’t overlook other areas of your facility, such as the bar or any area where you serve patrons. Seemingly small hazards should never be overlooked. Owners tend to worry about bigger safety concerns that are industry-specific, but mundane routines can result in injury.

Consider providing staff with CPR classes, keeping a first aid kit readily available, and making sure everyone is equipped to respond appropriately.

Gas and Chemicals

Since packaged gases and caustic chemicals are major components in your operation, it is important to note just how dangerous these supplies can be if not properly handled. Be sure to clearly label and properly ventilate all chemicals.Consider your ventilation needs, particularly in small spaces or even in refrigeration systems where ammonia is used.

Monitor gas pressure routinely to avoid any major incidents, and makes sure to use a lockout/tagout system to clearly mark tanks or lines that are shut down for service.

Safety Regulations

Prepare procedures to be compliant with current laws and regulations.

OSHA regularly inspects hazardous workplaces without advanced notice. One of the very first items an inspector will look for is an organized, clutter-free workspace. Cords, equipment and any other miscellaneous items should be cleared from walkways and be clearly labeled.

Follow these essential inspection tips:

  • Select a company representative to work directly with your OSHA compliance officer before and during the inspection.
  • Be sure to have written records accessible including:
    • Hazard assessments
    • Written safety programs specific to your current operations
    • Employee training and documentation
    • OSHA illness and injury recordkeeping logs for the last five years
    • Compliance and OSHA standards documents
  • Stay compliant with alcohol regulations, good manufacturing practices, and environmental impacts.

Another big risk to avoid is injuries due to improper storage. For the heavier equipment, make sure your racks are sturdy and that you are stacking kegs or barrels properly.

Staying on top of regulations and requirements can save you from expensive fines, injuries and possible closure of your business.

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