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How to Keep Your Commercial Property Safe

By June 3, 2019 June 7th, 2019 No Comments

The cost of criminal activity or damage to your commercial property can be devastating to your business. Vandalism, arson and theft can put a huge dent in your business activities and significantly affect operations. Vigilant security enforcements along, with Delaware Business Insurance, are vital to protect the long lasting well-being of your business.

Educate Employees on Security

Have all company policies in writing and ensure compliance with all emergency procedures and health and safety codes. Having keys cut and loaning your keys should be outlined.

Management should lead by example with these policies and follow a routine for lock down procedure, which should be reviewed with any employees responsible for closing the premises.

All staff should be encouraged to speak up if they see unusual activity around the office and feel comfortable reporting sensitive information requests surrounding business security details.

Monitor Entry Points

All points of entry must be locked when not used, even during business hours. Windows are no exception and should be secured from the inside when the office is closed or if a space is not in use.

Consider having deadbolts installed on all doors that give access to the building or even an access control system to reduce the number of keys in circulation and track who enters the property.

Security cameras will allow for monitoring those accessing the building at all times. The video footage would not only provide criminal evidence but cameras deter criminals. Cameras should be placed at entry points, loading docks, car parks/garages, storage rooms or any restricted areas.

Protect Valuables

When cash payments are involved, ensure regular bank deposits are made to ensure the amount of money in the building is kept to a minimum to mitigate risk. During closing hours, employees should place particularly valuable items in a secure place and out of sight.

Review your company’s business insurance policy to familiarise yourself with coverage and what the claims process is if required. You should record all expensive equipment within the premises and keep this documented in a secure place.

Perform Property Maintenance

Routine property maintenance is important. Install extra lighting and replace all light bulbs and fixtures surrounding the property regularly. Motion detectors and floodlights help illuminate any blind spots and decrease the risk of late night break-ins.

Main door entrances should be well-lit for any employees that may need to enter or exit after dark. Landscaping should always be well trimmed and gates with locks should be installed to protect company vehicles and equipment. Damaged doors, windows or locks must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid easy access to the property.

Establish Procedures for Incoming & Outgoing Employees

When hiring a new team member, request proper documentation and references to disclose any past misconducts before handing over the keys to property or valuables.

Establish a set procedure for handling your security when a staff member leaves the business. Changing computer passwords, keypad entry codes and the return of keys should be a high priority.

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