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How to Prevent Work-Related Auto Accidents

By June 3, 2019June 7th, 2019No Comments

The CDC calculates that nearly 19,000 work-related crash fatalities occurred between 2003 and 2012. That makes auto accidents the leading cause of death for American workers.

If you own or manage a business whose employees drive on the job — even if it’s not their principal responsibility — it’s up to you to help prevent work-related auto accidents.

Here’s where to start:

Step 1 – Adequately train all employees in safe driving practices.

While most of your employees are likely frequent drivers in their personal lives, it’s probably been years (or even decades) since their last driving lesson. To ensure that road safety is a constant priority, therefore, it is important that you refresh all employees on safe driving practices.

Enlisting your employees in a professional-organized safe driving program is one possibility. These programs may be expensive, lengthy, and time-consuming, however.

Instead, it’s possible to refresh your employees on safe driving practices on your own. The CDC offers a detailed outline of policies that would be useful to go over with your staff. Important points covered include:

  • Seat beat protocols
  • How to drive in inclement weather
  • How to smartly plan a long journey
  • How to prevent drowsy driving
  • How to prevent distracted driving
  • What to do in the event of a collision

Step 2 – Speak with your employees, and get their feedback.

Remember that your driving safety program should be unique to your business. While some companies need drivers for tasks such as daily deliveries, others may be in the business of local transportation, equipment relocation, construction, etc. Therefore, all risks and hazards may be different.

Ask your driving employees what specific hazards they face in their particular roles. Perhaps they often have to drive at night or in inclement weather. Maybe their chief driving is done in urban areas where hitting a pedestrian is a constant fear.

Once you know the unique challenges your employees face, you can begin to address these issues in detail and come up with useful solutions.

Step 3 – Ensure you have a quality business auto insurance plan in place.

The best thing you can do for your company and employees is to help prevent auto accidents from occurring in the first place. Still, accidents do happen, and smart businesses have the proper business auto insurance coverage in place to protect all parties.

IFS Insurance’s comprehensive business auto insurance solutions can provide coverage for any employees you put behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter if they are driving a company car, a rented van, or their own vehicle. Choose from a range of coverage options, including liability, non-collision damage, collision damage, and uninsured/underinsured motorists’ coverage.

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