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How To Show Appreciation in the Winery Customer Service Industry

By July 18, 2017April 1st, 2019No Comments
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In such a competitive space, serving your customers and making them feel special and appreciated can give your business the boost it needs. Especially for customers who regularly visit, showing your appreciation is easy and can help to establish a more personal relationship. Most importantly, protect your operation with a customized Delaware Winery Insurance policy.

Engage on social media.

You can easily engage with your customers on social media. Answer questions, offer promotions, contests, and announce events on your social media platforms. The more you answer your customers and the more active you are, the better your reputation will become.

Keep in touch.

It sounds simple, but staying in touch with customers shows that you care. Staying in touch doesn’t mean you should bombard your customers with offers. Instead, take the time to send a simple email to tell them you appreciate their business, or to ask them how they enjoyed the most recent varietal they tried. Wineries can also remember special days and reach out to customers on their anniversaries, birthdays and other important occasions, explains Wine Direct.

Make it personal.

Write a handwritten thank you note to a recent party or business that hosted an event with you. A small, yet personal gesture, shows you care about their business and you appreciate them. Hand written notes require minimal time spent and get maximum returns.

Host a customer appreciation event.

Whether it’s a coupon to use in your ecommerce store, or an event to host your most loyal customers, you can showcase your appreciation by creating an event especially for them. Bring in a caterer, offer your best wines, and include free shipping on online orders for your loyal customers.

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