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Interview Guidelines to Ensure ADA Compliance

By January 12, 2017 April 1st, 2019 No Comments

In this litigious society, business owners have been facing an increase of lawsuits in recent years. While interviewing and sourcing qualified candidates is a necessary practice for businesses of all types, ensuring you complete it lawfully is crucial. While there are traditional questions that seemingly every employer asks their potential candidates, are you sure you aren’t violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Apart from familiarizing yourself with these guidelines, a DE Employment Practices Liability Insurance Policy is your first line of defense from potential lawsuits and claims stemming from your hiring practices.

Speak clearly and directly.

For those applicants who suffer from hearing loss, this is a critical step. Maintain eye contact and speak to him or her directly, even if they brought an interpreter with them.

Never assume an applicant needs accommodations.

Instead of offering any reasonable accommodations for a candidate, wait for him or her to request them. The ADA requires that you offer “reasonable accommodation” — appropriate changes and adjustments — to enable a disabled person to be considered for a job opening. Additionally, an employer cannot refuse to consider an applicant because she requires reasonable accommodation to compete for a job, says Small Business Trends.

Considerations for the visually impaired.

If you are interviewing a candidate who is blind, address yourself directly and introduce yourself before speaking. Address either the interviewee or the interpreter prior to speaking to reduce confusion, as well.

Uphold the same standards.

Regardless of any disability, the person you are interviewing must be able to perform the essential job functions either independently or with an aid.

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