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Making Your Winery Stand Out: Customer Service

By July 6, 2017 April 1st, 2019 No Comments
Improving Your Winery > Providing Strong Customer Service

In a previous post, we explored some of the ways that you can ensure your winery stands out amongst the competition, especially in such a saturated market. Customers are the backbone to your success, which is why the following strategies can boost your reputation and your bottom line. In addition to protecting your operation with a customized Delaware Winery Insurance policy, heed the following advice for making your winery stand out among the competition.

Show your appreciation.

The smallest gestures go a long way when showing your customers you appreciate their loyalty. Host an event specifically for regulars, offer special promotions, and give your customers advantages to keep them coming back as opposed to trying out the competition. In addition, focus on the atmosphere, the customer’s experience, the quality of the wine, and employ a knowledgeable staff to serve the customer satisfactorily.

Go above and beyond.

Exceeding expectations is the name of the game. Go the extra mile for your customers and they’ll be sure to remember your name, your brand, and recommend your winery to their friends and family members. Think about what you can give your customers that they can’t get elsewhere. For example, try sending a hand-written thank you note to your loyal customers for having their party at your winery.

Add a personal touch.

When someone enters your tasting room, the attendant should be personable, not an automated machine. Try to ensure that the tasting room attendant engages in conversation with your customers rather than just pour wine and swipe credit cards. Don’t forget the personal service. Learning your regular customer’s first names and using them when you see them or talk to them on the phone will make them feel valued and important, explains Vin 65.

Take the blame.

It can be difficult to accept criticism, especially when it comes to your business. However, being gracious about these remarks and working to remedy the situation can ease customers’ minds, keep your business in their good graces, and show you care enough to work out the kinks in your winery.

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