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With an overwhelming amount of information available at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to sift through all the advice and tips on how to build your brand. While there is no shortage of resources, we have compiled a list of four fool-proof ways to market your business and build your brand from the ground up. In addition, don’t forget another pertinent factor to your success- Delaware General Liability Insurance.

Get to know the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers so many resources and helpful information for business owners- especially ones that are just starting out. In addition to connecting small businesses that need funding with lenders, they offer tons of information on every aspect of running a business, including developing a marketing plan, the relationship between marketing and sales, and how to set a marketing budget, explains Small Business Trends.

Start small with social media marketing.

Flooding the market sounds great in theory, but you want to hone in your audience and your message first. Choose one or two platforms- ideally Facebook and Twitter- and start building a following. Stick to posts that convey your message and stick to the core of who and what your brand is. Use the audience parameters on Facebook to focus your efforts on your desired demographic.

Utilize the cloud.

There are so many new services available to build your business. Cloud services are easy to get up and running, and they give you near infinite room to grow. On the marketing front, cloud-based services like Canva allow you to create graphic designs for social media and other marketing efforts, and there’s certainly no shortage of cloud-based marketing automation applications to choose from, explains the article.

Backup your data.

Back up your data so that you can successfully protect customer information, order history, contact info and preferences. All of this data will help you make informed marketing decisions moving forward, so invest in a way to adequately secure it. Consider a cloud protection service like Carbonite or something similar. Also, the right Cyber Liability Insurance is a must for any business today.

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