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The wild success of craft beer in recent years has led to a market flooding of new breweries in almost every major city. What was once a novelty is now almost commonplace, so new establishments need to earn their reputation and customers and solidify their success. In addition to protecting your business with a comprehensive and custom-tailored Delaware Brewery Insurance program, here are some habitual traits that successful startups possess.

Stocked beers.

You can’t sell beer you don’t have, so be sure to stock up on your customer’s favorites. Take inventory of your bestsellers and work with your team to keep plenty of cases in stock. Be sure to let your customers know the beer of the day to cultivate and promote new favorites, as well!

Employing knowledgeable staff.

According to Craft Beer, the more knowledge the waitstaff has, the more beer an establishment will likely sell. Being able to recommend beers that match a customer’s preferences is an easy way to build trust. If a customer says he likes amber ale, a server who can thoughtfully offer an English-style mild will get a better response than one who suggests something with a totally different flavor profile, ­like a tart Belgian-style Flanders.

Serve at proper temperatures.

Depending on the specific type of beer, it might be meant to be served at warmer temperatures than other traditional mainstream beers. Therefore, storing and serving these beers at the proper temperature is a must to ensure your customers get the best tasting product.

Implement consistent housekeeping.

No one wants to be served beer in a lipstick-stained glass or one with water spots. Be sure to adequately clean glassware, scrub down the counters, and ensure spills are cleaned up immediately. Give your guests the experience you’d want when visiting a brewery.

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