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Ensuring your rental properties are well-maintained and resolving issues on a regular basis can mean that you’re pulling in various directions each day. With this in mind, we’ve devised some best practices that can keep your properties running smoothly and mitigate exposures. As your first line of defense, ensure you carry a Delaware Property Management Insurance policy to curb your financial risk should something go awry.

Find the best tenants.

Renting to just anyone will make your life more difficult. Instead, use a strategic marketing plan to attract the type of renters you want to lease to. Do research on the neighborhoods you manage to determine what type of demographic lives there and tailor your marketing efforts. Doing so will minimize turnover rates and ensure high tenancy.

Focus on your niche.

In the world of property management, every company has its niche. What role do you play, and what role do your competitors play? Understanding your competition not only helps you learn from their successes and challenges, it helps you brand yourself and define what makes you different, says Property Ware.

Think ahead.

As new developments and regulations take effect, you can take steps to implement them ahead of time. Rather than wait until the last minute, stay abreast of current trends and focus on the long-term future of your rentals.

Don’t overlook day-to-day issues.

If you manage more than one property, it can be easy to procrastinate on small things. However, remembering that day-to-day things need to be resolved can boost your renter’s happiness and improve your reputation.

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