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The Brewery Business: Making the First Hire

By February 2, 2018April 1st, 2019No Comments

In this series of blogs, we began with some tips on how to realize your dream of starting your own brewery. Afterward, we made sure to provide key insights on avoiding legal claims from forming against your business. In this final installment, we’re going to cover the basics for making your first hire. In any small business, finding the right team is essential for growing and succeeding, here’s how to go about it.

Avoid hiring friends or family.

If you can help it, avoid hiring on more friends or family members. This is often the case when best friends become business partners, but blurring the lines between personal and strictly business operations can be a challenge, and you might end up with a bigger headache than you anticipated.

Instead, promote your job listing on social media and reputable job sites and establish clear expectations from the start for whoever you hire.

Find the right person for the job.

Finding the right fit takes time, so prepare to hold out if absolutely necessary. Your culture sets your business apart and makes it unique, so it’s imperative that you find someone who aligns with those goals.

So, how do you achieve this in your brewery? Write down what you are trying to create as a culture because most often that will align with the personality traits in the people you are considering to hire for your company. Make sure the culture is clearly defined in your job description. You need a clear job description and to make sure the roles and responsibilities are laid out and specific, says Alissa Henriksen, a former staffing and recruitment company business owner, to Zip Recruiter.

Find someone who’s passionate about the job.

In a startup business, it’s likely that your employees are going to need to wear many hats. Find someone who is on board with helping out wherever they can, are comfortable in a small business environment, and who is passionate about brewing beer the same way you are. Your first hire is a huge reflection of your business and will be interacting with customers as much as you are. So, take your time in finding someone who can multitask and wants to commit his or herself to your success.

Don’t attempt to do everything by yourself.

Next, find someone who can help interview the next candidates you are looking to hire. If you can’t afford a recruiter, find a mentor or strategic business partner to help interview candidates. You want to make sure you have a second – and even third – opinion on the people you bring into your organization.

Ask your existing employee(s) to help out with the decision-making process, as well. This way, you can build a work family and work together seamlessly.

Get insurance.

You can’t expect to do everything yourself and cover all of your bases without carrying a custom-tailored Delaware Brewery Insurance program. Set yourself and your employees up for success by equipping your business with this policy.

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