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Want High Quality Candidates? Here’s How to Recruit Them

By April 17, 2017 April 1st, 2019 No Comments

Finding the right people for the right job is no easy task. While candidates can learn and be trained on the job, finding someone who is perfectly matched with their position is a challenge. A structured recruiting strategy can help to ensure you fill your positions with qualified and enthusiastic candidates. While you might be on a time crunch, resist the urge to skip steps in the interest of time- this tried and true method has proven worthy each time. As we explore how to accomplish this process, protect your business with a comprehensive Delaware EPLI program.

Write clear job descriptions.

Your first step is to make sure you have an effective job description for each position in your company. Your job descriptions should reflect careful thought as to the roles the individual will fill, the skill sets they’ll need, the personality attributes that are important to completing their tasks, and any relevant experience that would differentiate one applicant from another recommends Entrepreneur.

Create a success profile.

Create a list of desired traits that the perfect candidate will possess. These profiles should be made for key positions in your business, including management, executives, and salespeople. Compare the candidates against the success profile to determine whether you’ve found a match for the position or not.

List the key qualifications necessary.

Listing qualifications, in addition to specific requirements and directions, can help you weed out the people who do not follow instructions.

Post the ad in hot markets.

Indeed, Monster and similar sites have gained a reputation for success for a reason. Post them in these hot job markets where they are likely to reach your targeted demographic. Don’t forget to post the job ads in industry publications, as well.

Resume and phone screening.

Develop a series of questions you can ask the candidates after pulling the best resumes from the stack. Keep the questions the same for each person to ensure consistency. Based on these responses, choose the best suitors for in-person interviews.

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