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Who is Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

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The “named insured” in a homeowners policy is the legal owner of the home whose names are found on the deed to the property. “Insured” simply means covered by the terms of the policy. Other insureds may only be covered by some provisions, depending on the status of the insured and policy terms.Those with particularly high valued assets should consult with a high net worth homeowners insurance agent.

Depending on who lives in your residence and how permanent their residence is, you may be wondering whether they would be considered an insured under the terms of your policy. Let’s take a look and decode this issue for you.


Homeowners insurance policies provide three basic types of coverage against named risks:

  1. The home itself and any detached structures such as a garage
  2. Personal property
  3. Comprehensive liability coverage


The homeowners themselves need coverage in all three areas. They are the only people who can be insured under the home and other structure provisions. Non-owners of a home, like the minor children residents, cannot insure property they do not own.

A “resident spouse” involves the husband or wife of an individual who is the sole legal owner of the home. Some policies may list the spouse as a named insured even though the spouse’s name does not appear on the legal contract. Resident spouse is a term that does not name the individual on the policy and requires the spouse to live in the home to be insured.

Other Insureds

“Other insureds” is an all-encompassing category, such as children of any age residing in the home. Other insureds include any relatives such as a parent or sibling who lives in the home.

Each is covered under both the personal property sections and comprehensive liability provisions. Unrelated persons under age 21, like foster children, also receive the same coverage. An employee of the owner, such as a housekeeper, is covered solely by the personal property provision. Guests and visitors are only covered for personal property if that coverage is requested when the homeowners policy is purchased.

Automatic Insureds by Residency

Those who are automatically insured by residency include:

  • Resident relatives
  • Resident non-relatives under the age of 21 in the homeowner’s or resident relative’s care
  • A fulltime student who was a resident before attending school and is under the age of 24 if a relative, or under 21 and in the homeowners care if not a relative

Automatic Insureds by Exposure

Liability coverage will protect individuals held legally responsible for animals or watercraft which the insured or those automatically insured by residency own (can not be correlated to caregivers profession).

Since every living situation is unique,it is best to carilify your coverage needs with a professional high net worth homeowners insurance agent.

Just because a person lives in the house does not mean they are insured under the homeowners policy; nor does an individual necessarily have to live in the household to be insured.

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