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Winery Tips: Social Media Strategies

By August 24, 2017 April 1st, 2019 No Comments
Improving Your Winery > Social Media Marketing Tips

In this final installment in our series of posts regarding making your winery stand out from the competition, we’re going to talk about how online and social media strategies can improve reputation, sales and loyalty. We’ve already covered customer service and how to show appreciation for your customers. Now it’s time to dive into digital platforms for boosting winery business. Heed the following tips and protect your operation with a customized Delaware Winery Insurance policy.

Optimize your site.

You can’t expect customers to be wowed by your winery if your website is dated and hard to navigate. Optimize it for maximum efficiency and for mobile use. Use professional photographs to showcase your winery and all that it has to offer. Be sure to link your social media channels to the bottom of your site, as well. Ideally, you’ll use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to round out your social media presence.

Create consistency.

All of your social media channels should have the same branding, including pictures, logos, and voice. Any visitor who goes onto one social media platform should easily be able to identify the others.

Tell a story.

Your vineyard’s personal story should tie into the products you sell. The more you can create a story for your brand, the more you’ll stand out from the competition.

Create a schedule.

Establish a calendar of events that will happen around your brand: new releases, celebrations, expected scores or awards, bottlings, vineyard work, harvest, and the like. Lay down communication channels for the type of wines you want to emphasize on (4 or 5 generally). Build a schedule for posting regularly on each platform about each product category, using varied story-telling angles trying to match the physical calendar of your business with your editorial calendar, suggests Beverage Trade Network.

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