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Construction bonds in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland and surrounding areas.

Your construction firm is looking to get in a new project and needs to deliver a bid bond to get into the game. IFS has you covered.

When your construction firm is up for a specific project, you want the ability to submit a bid without delays, particularly in this competitive market. You also want to be able to provide owners with a guarantee that you will perform a project on time and pay labor and material bills incurred on the job. With IFS Insurance as your partner, we will provide you with the bonds you need to bid on jobs and cover costs in the event of delays caused by your firm.

Type of Contract Bonds

We can provide you with the following critical bonds:

  • Bid Bond. Ensures contract bidders will enter into the contract they are bidding on and will furnish payment and performance bonds.
  • Payment Bond. Ensures suppliers and subcontractors are paid for work performed under the contract.
  • Performance Bond. Ensures the contract is completed in accordance with the established terms and conditions.
  • Ancillary Bond. Ensures requirements central to the contract that are not directly related to performance are executed.

Construction bonds not only provide the guarantee owners are looking for from contractors, but they also provide them with the additional security of knowing that contractors have satisfied the surety’s comprehensive pre-qualification reviews. Whatever bond your contract or the law requires, IFS can secure it.

Construction Bonds for Large Projects

From government & municipality work to projects for large general contractors, your bonding capacity can open new areas of revenue. In order to drive new revenue, you need the right surety arrangements so that you can provide assurance you will perform as contractually obligated. IFS Insurance can provide you with what you need.

As your partner, we help simplify the bonding process; work with your CPA or recommend a CPA specializing in construction to improve your financials and accounting methods; and bring our broad access to markets and long-term relationships to help you build a bonding history that will allow you flexibility to grow.

Getting You the Bonds You Need

We will treat your business with top priority service, and process your application swiftly. Within 72 hours of receiving a fully completed application and the other information mentioned below, we will respond to you directly.

Please submit the following information to enable us to provide our bond facilities:

  • Contractor’s Questionnaire
  • Current Personal Financial Statement on each owner
  • Past three years’ CPA-prepared Business Financial Statements (if statements are not CPA-prepared, please forward tax returns for past three years)
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Interim Corporate Financial Statement, if available (Balance Sheet & Income Statement)
  • An Aging of Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Request for Bond Information form
  • Certificate of Insurance
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