Put Your Trust in IFS: Comprehensive Business Auto Insurance Solutions

Perhaps you have a fleet of vehicles or no company cars whatsoever – in either case when you have employees behind the wheel on company business, it’s best that you are protected with Commercial Auto insurance. This includes even if your employees use their own personal vehicles to conduct business. Whether it’s to visit a job site, go on a sales call or drive to a conference cross state, if an employee has an accident and is responsible for injuries to the other driver or damage to the other vehicle, your business is the one with the deeper pockets. The employee’s personal auto insurance will kick in, but what if it’s not enough because the limits are too low or the injuries are too great? The injured party will look to you.

IFS Insurance provides firms with Commercial Auto insurance that includes coverage for hired and non-owned autos. No matter what kind of vehicle your employees use on behalf of the business —their own auto, a company vehicle, or a rented car—if they are responsible for an accident while working, the hired and non-owned vehicle portion of the policy will respond to protect your company in these instances.