Put Your Trust in IFS:Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Property Management Firms

As a property management firm, you need the right type of insurance to protect your business, your employees and the properties you manage for others – whether you are involved in renting or leasing commercial real estate to others, working as a habitational property manager responsible for apartments or condos or managing rental properties for others or contracting services for rental properties owners. With more than five decades in the insurance industry, we have built a reputation in the business communities we serve throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey second to none. At IFS Insurance, we are known for our experience, expertise, integrity, transparency and commitment to effectively serve our clients.

There are a number of risks facing property management firms, each with the potential to upend an organization should a significant loss occur. A well-designed insurance program will transfer these risks while strong loss prevention and risk management strategies can assist in mitigating the potential for lawsuits and claims. We will assist you with both.