Put Your Trust in IFS:Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Wineries/Breweries

Creating the best insurance coverage for your winery or brewery is in some ways not that different from producing a great wine or brew. It all starts with the knowledge of which ingredients to use and an understanding of your environment and how the elements will interact. It is important to take a patient, long-term approach to achieve the best outcome.

At IFS Insurance, we have practiced these tenets for over 50 years. We take the time to learn the unique characteristics of your operation while assessing the risks of your business. We will want to know about equipment use on site, and will assess whether machinery and other items in your building should be considered fixtures, or improvements to the property. We will also want to see any vehicles used to transport materials or beverages to and from a winery or brewery, and will want to know whether employees serve as drivers, or if a business owner hires truck operators on a contractual basis. 

We’ll ask about annual business income and receipts so we can truly understand what your business income loss would be if your place were temporarily shut down due to a covered loss. And, we will go over your retail sales to determine the extent of your liquor legal liability exposures. These are just some of the issues we will discuss with you.