Put Your Trust in IFS:Comprehensive Renters Insurance Solutions

You don’t have to own a house to have a lot of financial capital at risk in your home. Think of all your clothing, furniture and electronics then add possessions such as dinnerware, bedding, drapes and sports equipment. It could amount to thousands of dollars at risk from theft or a catastrophe.

Your landlord’s insurance most likely covers only the building and areas of common use, meaning your personal property isn’t insured unless you take out a Renters insurance policy. IFS Insurance offers Renters insurance that covers costs associated with damage to your property as well as your liability for injuries occurring to someone else or damage to their property. It can also help pay for your defense costs if you are sued for such a liability.

Remember, even if you are a careful resident, your belongings could still be damaged by a burst pipe or fire, and you might need to spend money to temporarily relocate if your residence is uninhabitable. A Renters insurance policy can help pay for all of these costs. We’d like to show you a variety of options, all at a surprisingly low price.