Put Your Trust in IFS:Providing You the Service Options You Need

IFS Insurance Online allows you access to your insurance information from any device. With our online client portal, you gain access to many different types of information, including:


  • Auto IDs
  • Claims reporting and status
  • Policy information
  • Request forms to change or modify account information





With online access, you can print your Auto ID Card, which is extremely valuable in situations when it has been lost or misplaced. This document can be printed, emailed, viewed on screen or faxed directly from the online access portal.




When you need to report a claim, it is important to do so while the details are fresh in your mind. Our online portal provides you with a questionnaire and the ability to upload any related documentation, including accident photos. This option is available via mobile device as well, allowing you to report a claim from your smartphone or tablet. The information you provide is sent directly to us to begin processing your claims.





IFS Insurance Online allows you to make changes to your insurance information, including sending requests to add, delete and/or modify coverage. You can request these changes to automobile policies, property policies, and equipment policies, to name a few. This service is available during regular office hours as well as after hours and on weekends, offering a convenient way to communicate necessary policy changes to IFS Insurance, saving you time and keystrokes. Of course, you still have the option to email or call your account manager with changes.



PLEASE NOTE: Requests for the addition, deletion, or modification of coverage are not effective until authorized and confirmed by a licensed representative of IFS Insurance. These confirmations will typically be communicated within 24 hours.